Social innovation is coming up the stumbling block for many NGOs. The increasing rate of change in the world and the growing gap between the scale of the problems they face and the solutions on offer make the need for innovation more evident .


Social innovation is more important than ever before……..

Every industry, sector, and market goes through times of transformation and innovation.Innovation is critical for organisations wanting to meet the scale of current global challenges, increase their impact and stay relevant in a changing context. FIDR always emphasises  the strategic objectives of  innovative efforts and how it could help to improve the future-readiness.

Successful social innovation revolves around effective learning and rapid iteration……..

FIDR  accentuates  the using fast feedback, measuring impact, and learning how to improve it’s innovative efforts and capability. The innovation audit through process of diagnosis and prognosis , is a good way of starting to understand current areas of strength and weakness.

Social innovation often occurs because of new collaborations or through the adoption of ideas from elsewhere…….

FIDR always  encourages this by promoting openness within and beyond the organisation, looking for opportunities to remove silos, maintain an outward focus through regular horizon scanning, and actively exploring connections with unusual suspects outside the NGO sector.