Your Help

Spend some time knowing in detail about our work and the communities where we work. We at FIDR are sure that this would give you a flavor of the social investments required to achieve even further scale and sustenance in our work. FIDR also advocates social businesses with transformational skills necessary to build sustainable and scalable organizations to accelerate their impact. You have a robust and objective system to rely on for your Giving that it goes to the right organisations and right work. Because FIDR in many ways than one underwrites the work of its peer non-profits in Odisha and guarantees your “Impact investing.” Besides, this would also provide you with a chance to become a part of FIDR’s large and expanding network of Indian social entrepreneurs, and strategic funders.

Donate – Call to action…

Dear Friend,You should be proud to tell all including your family members and children that you have decided to raise money for FIDR. The reason that you are doing this is that you feel that fortunate people like you need to do your bit for those with less. You are hoping to raise at least Rs. 1, 00,000 (1 Lakh) or about $2500 to help this cause. FIDR will use this money to improve the lives of the underserved communities after a detailed consultation with you.We are sure you are counting on those near and dear to you to help you achieve your target. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at FIDR. Thank you in advance for your support!

Work as Volunteer

FIDR organizes long term cross cultural volunteer programmes for the international students, seniors and families. Our endeavour is to provide long term volunteers with a customized program that will enable them to make an important contribution to the underserved of Odisha while exploring some attractive and beautiful culture of Odisha, India and working closely with some of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups, Youths and Village level Social Entrepreneurs.


FIDR offers internship programmes to international and national students throughout the year. Please contact soon for 2013-14 programme details. There are some projects also available in winter 2013 for national students (limited seats only). Please contact our office for your registration…Volunteer while you are in a job


Our jobs aren’t just for any student who somehow wants to do volunteer work abroad or in another state in India. It’s demanding and we only accept graduates from the relevant fields, such as management, social sciences, engineering, investment banking, medicine, health studies, or social work. Numerous people are interested in doing volunteer work abroad/another state or working for an NPO or NGO.

Numerous people are interested in doing volunteer work abroad/another state or working for an NPO or NGO. While this type of work will allow you to experience new/foreign cultures in a whole new way, it is also very demanding. For the more idealistic types among you, who dream of changing the world, there are many opportunities for volunteer work abroad/another state. Like the Non-profits around the globe, we offer various kinds of charity jobs and volunteer work in Odisha. You can do volunteer work in different fields such as community service, agricultural interventions, social work or teaching. Your volunteer work could, for example, involve organizing events and raising funds, teaching English at a primary school in rural Odisha, or helping to build a community health center in Odisha’s hinterland.In the past we have had talented young people from India and outside, coming to Odisha and working with us and the communities. They include people from Communication, Technology (mobile telephony platform), Research and other areas of interest.