Gyana ‘o’ Soochana Kendra: One of the many Pilots

The Genesis: Gyana ‘o’ Soochana Kendra was started in August 2002 after the great flood of 2001 in coastal districts of Orissa, in the name Community managed Krushi Soochana Kendra with initial support from UNDP. In the beginning the concept was welcomed and accepted by the community. In 2005 NASSCOM Foundation in partnership with UNDP & FIDR provided support to 15 KSKs, and rechristened them as GYANA ‘O’ SOOCHANA KENDRA. The centres were functioning as community models with mission of service to the community and earning its sustainability from the paid services. Some centers continued to hold their ends, thanks to the support of facilitating NGOs and the supportive communities.In 2006 an initiative was taken by NASSCOM Foundation with FIDR to re-establish them and to develop them as centers promoting e-literacy, agro-information, e-connectivity and health. The handholding package included financial support as well as contents on education, health, women empowerment and agriculture. FIDR has also opened up new centers across the State, thus taking the operational GSKs to over 50 centers in different district of Orissa, out of which many GSKs are in tribal area. All the GSKs have their own local specificities besides pursuing the common goal.Today FIDR implements one of the biggest ICT for Development Networks in India.From literacy and livelihood promotion, disaster risk management to HIV/AIDS,Agriculture & Vocational Skill training, the GSKs are comprehensive and diverse in their approach are often directly managed by tribal,farmer’s community focusing on Rural Enterprenuership.Some Examples:In many areas like the GSK Bintara of District Bhadrak is managed by school management committee and local GP concentrates on education, disaster management, and carrier counseling. GSK Duburi of District Jajpur, located in tribal area of the district is concentrating on Road safety, Industrial safety, literacy, and disaster management. GSK Bilipada of District Jajpur and GSK Tarasa of Kendrapara focus on agriculture and livelihood promotion. GSK Pattamundai and GSK Mahipal located in urban area of Kendrapara district are giving emphasis on Low cost computer education, career counseling and placement opportunities.Our Rajnagar center managed by the NGO Natures Club has been instrumental in setting up and managing six solar light projects at inaccessible villages of the Bhitar Kanika National Park under the TERI sponsored lighting a billion lives scheme.

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